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Chuck Heath Senior and Junior penned a family memoir about the future conservative heroine who, in this telling, never did anything wrong — and anyone who says she did is mistaken. A few tidbits:

• “When Sarah was born she was round and pink with a shock of black hair. Dad commented that she looked like a bulldog.”

• She did read papers: “When she was in elementary school, Dad would bring in the newspaper and take out the sports section. . . Sarah was busy reading the front-page articles about world events.”

• Her years playing basketball revealed the future politician: “Her aggressive style of play more than made up for her lack of size and shooting ability. She simply outhustled her opponents and wore them down”

• She competed in the Miss Wasilla pageant when Geraldine Ferraro was on the ticket: “Yes, I think a woman could be vice president,” she said. “I think a woman could be president.”

• At the debate against Joe Biden, campaign aides tried to “micromanage her responses” and threw Palin off her game — the same Republican aides who later blamed her for the election loss. “All those times they mismanaged Sarah in the campaign were twisted afterward into evidence that she was indifferent, uninformed and disinterested. . . They couldn’t bear the thought of acknowledging that she had political instincts at least equal to their own.”

Palin clearly approved of this message because she wrote the forward: “Having written books of my own, I know how exhausting producing a manuscript can be. . . I hope you’ll be inspired by their stories and by the warm Alaskan spirit they reflect.”

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