The C-SPAN2 broadcast of Paula Broadwell at Politics & Prose that was spoofed on “Saturday Night Live.” (C-SPAN)

In SNL’s take, David Petraeus ’s biographer-mistress takes the podium to read excerpts from “All In,” which, to the horror of the genteel bookstore patrons, turn out to be steamy, soft-core sex scenes. (“Pull my hair, General, pull it hard, and spank me.”)

Where’d they get the inspiration? Well, Broadwell actually did a reading at P&P in February, accompanied by her co-author and our colleague Vernon Loeb , which was broadcast on C-SPAN, and it seems the SNL folks neatly mimicked many of the details, even dressing cast member Cecily Strong in the same vivid, color-blocked dress. Store owner Brad Graham — who noted that the Broadwell talk got a lot more attention in the past week than it did at the time — was glad to hear about the SNL spot, though he hadn’t seen it yet. Seems like someone at the shop was watching, though. “Wow, Wow, WOW!!” wrote whoever was manning P&P’s Twitter account late Saturday. “So books and pop culture can converge!”
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