Sen. Scott Brown wearing his Massachusetts Army National Guard fatigues. (Courtesy of Sen. Brown )

As Americans woke to news of Osama bin Laden’s death, Sen. Scott Brown told the Boston Globe he wants to go to Afghanistan for his annual Massachusetts Army National Guard training later this year.

“Senator Brown takes very seriously his membership in the National Guard,” spokesman Colin Reed told us. “He’s been performing military service for 31 years, and it’s not something he was willing to give up even after his election to the U.S. Senate.”

Brown joined the Guard back in 1979, and worked in Kazakhstan and Paraguay — but has never served in a combat zone. In a statement released from his office, Brown said he thought the two-week stint overseas would help him better understand the ongoing mission and enhance his work on the Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs committees.

But can a sitting senator head to such a dangerous country? Unclear: In 2010, Brown trained in his home state; he’ll have to get permission from the Pentagon to make this happen.