Washington Ballet artistic director, Septime Webre, celebrates his 50th birthday Thursday at Comet Ping Pong with former board president, Kay Kendall and other friends. (Photo by Tony Powell)

Disco fever, baby! Two parties last week took inspiration from the 70’s, when polyester suits and heart-thumping excess were king.

The tame version happened Saturday night at Studio Theatre, which celebrated its 34th (to the day!) anniversary. In an homage to Bianca Jagger’s infamous 27th birthday at Studio 54, black-tie guests were greeted by an actress on a white horse, escorted by a barely-dressed man — then a disco-themed dinner, show and dancing.

Two nights earlier, friends of Washington Ballet’s artistic director Septime Webre threw him a 50th birthday party at Comet Ping Pong worthy of Studio 54 in its heyday. Why disco? “The music is iconic and the fashion so bad it’s good,” said the birthday boy, sporting a “Disco Sucks” t-shirt, checkered pants and white-framed sunglasses.

Laura Pitts (as Bianca Jagger) on a white horse greeted guests at Studio Theatre’s 70's party Saturday night. (Elizabeth Demaree Photography)

There were guests dancing on table tops, the bar and hanging from the chandeliers — literally. Comet’s owner James Alefantis jumped up on one of the L-shaped light bars above each booth, quickly followed by everyone (including Webre) up for a high-wire disco pole dance. Amazingly, no one got hurt. We dragged ourselves away at 1 a.m. — only because Friday was a work day. That, people, is a party.