Rep. Steven Palazzo, who seems not to have been on the invite list for his staffers’ big bash in Annapolis. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

Two Hill staffers are out of a job after they threw a blowout two-night party in a waterfront house they rented in their congressman’s name. Roll Call reported Tuesday that the mayhem went down Columbus Day weekend, as friends and employees of freshman Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss) congregated in Annapolis for the big Navy-Southern Mississippi game. Though Palazzo hosted an afternoon tailgate, he was not involved with the ensuing bash — which led to noise complaints and a police visit, irate neighbors told the paper. When the homeowner and property manager tried to complain to Palazzo, a staffer first tried to keep the messages from reaching the boss and later had a friend call, pretending to be the congressman, Roll Call reports. (The paper did not identify the property owner or address.) Palazzo’s chief of staff Jamie Miller confirmed the the two staffers (said to be in their early 20s) have left the office; they did not return our emails Tuesday. “It was unfortunate,” Miller said, “but we’re moving forward.”