Sen. Orrin Hatch at the Capitol on Monday. (Win McNamee/AP)

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Usually it’s the women who turn heads with their inaugural headgear — think back to Aretha Franklin’s monster bow in 2009, or Hillary Clinton’s flying-saucer hat in 1993. But this year, the men stepped it up.

Scalia, left, with Chief Justice John Roberts, arriving at the swearing-in. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Sen. Orrin Hatch showed up for the swearing-in in a magnificent white cowboy hat. And Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was sporting — well, what was that puffy black chapeau? What Sen. Claire McCaskill snarked on Twitter was “a really weird hat” may have been something of an old tradition resuscitated. Legal Times noted that justices have occasionally worn black skullcaps during formal cold-weather events over the years: Stephen Breyer, you see, was wearing a somewhat less conspicuous one that he’s worn in public before. Kevin Walsh, a University of Richmond law professor, noted Monday on his blog that he believes Scalia’s tricornered hat was one given to him by the St. Thomas More Society of Richmond — a replica of the one the Catholic lawyer-philosopher wore in a famous Holbein portrait. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wore a fuzzy fur hat, and Anthony Kennedy, turned out in a plain knit cap. Looked warm, anyway!

How can she walk in those? Ashley Biden took flight Sunday in these shoes. (Barbara Martin)

Meanwhile, Ashley Biden dazzled all those who watched her walk into the Artists & Athletes Alliance party at DC Coast on Sunday night with her fine, feathered five-inch (we’re just guessing) super high-heeled pumps. She told a friend of ours she didn’t know who made them, and our friend graciously refrained from yanking one off the VP’s daughter’s foot to stare at the name on the insole.

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