Neal and Michaele in NYC last year. (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

If the Salahis were still on TV, this would be a memorable episode. On the same day Journey released a new video starring guitarist Neal Schon’s new squeeze Michaele Salahi, her ex Tareq Salahi sued Schon for $50 million.

In the video for “Resonate,” the new couple frolic on a sepia-toned beach and grope each other in a PG-13 makeout session. It’s not the most expensive-looking video you’ve seen lately. Why release it now, nine months after the song came out? A rep for the band called it a Valentine’s Day gift to fans. After days of advance buzz, the video appeared online late Monday — and Tareq Salahi filed suit in Warren County, Va., for emotional distress and other claims. TMZ reports the suit alleges that Salahi lost a reality show contract worth $150K when his wife left him in September for Schon. So, what’s up with the timing here? “Draw your own conclusions,” Salahi’s attorney Georgia Rossiter said. She declined to comment further.

Video: Journey, “Resonate”

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