Tareq Salahi in 2010. (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Two and a half years after that fateful night at the White House, legal woes continue to pile up for Tareq Salahi. The Virginia Attorney General’s office filed suit against him Monday for running a wine-tour business that allegedly failed its customers. The suit, filed in Fauquier County Circuit Court, claims his VirginiaWineTour.com canceled on clients at the last minute, failed to take them to all their promised stops, and did not provide refunds. Salahi told us he had not seen the suit and could not address specific charges — but said that one of the related businesses named in the suit had nothing to do with the winery business and that the other was headed by his wife Michaele, with whom he is now embroiled in bitter divorce proceedings. “It sounds like a witch hunt,” he said. In February, the former reality TV star agreed to pay fines to the state over improprities in the charitable foundation he ran in the years before the couple’s uninvited attendance at a state dinner put a spotlight on their activities.

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