The Kennedy home in Kalorama. (Larry Morris/ Getty Images)

We’re sorry. You waited too long to make an offer, and Ted Kennedy’s Kalorama mansion is gone — sold, for $6.5 million, to the Republic of Gabon.

The senator’s widow, Vicki Kennedy, quietly shopped the stately columned house for several months before officially putting it on the market last July. Asking price at the time: Just under $8 million.

Highlights: Six bedrooms, seven full baths (the master suite has two), five fireplaces, an indoor pool, a wine cellar — and an exercise room with equipment recommended by soon-to-be ex-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sen. Ted Kennedy. (Lauren Victoria Burke/ AP)

Kicking yourself for missing the open house? You didn’t. As is standard for houses with VIP residents or staggering value, “we had a requirement that people show an ability to purchase the property” before touring it, said listing agent Tim Hanan of Sotheby’s/Tutt Taylor Rankin. Though 2416 Tracy Place NW had been well known as Sen. Kennedy’s house since he and his wife bought it in 1998 (for $2.8 million), the public listing remained dutifully discreet, making only coy reference to the “dinners for national and international dignitaries, fundraising receptions, celebrated birthday parties . . . and special people [who] have graced this elegant residence.”

Representatives for the Embassy of Gabon did not get back to us for comment, but we’re told the oil-rich West African nation intends to make it the official ambassador’s residence.

Vicki Kennedy, meanwhile, has taken steps to downsize. She bought a three-bedroom townhouse a couple blocks away from the old place in late 2009 and has been extensively renovating it.