Musician and gun rights activist Ted Nugent addresses a seminar at the NRA’s 2011 convention. (Gene J. Puskar/AP)

Updated Tuesday afternoon

Cue the cameras: Ted Nugent is attending Tuesday’s State of the Union address as the guest of Rep. Steve Stockman. “He speaks for millions of Americans who own guns and do not support the president’s anti-gun agenda,” said Stockman spokesman Donny Ferguson. Neither the Texas Republican nor the rocker are fans of President Obama; the Secret Service had a little sit-down with Nugent last year after he told an NRA convention that he’d be “dead or in jail” if the president was re-elected.

Members of Congress are each allowed to invite one guest to the annual speech; many Democrats are bringing gun violence victims. Nugent won’t be packing Tuesday night, only firing soundbites. “I’m sure he’ll be fun — and respectable,” said Ferguson.

Update: Nugent promises to behave, 2/12/13

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