(NBC via Reuters)

Twins Nicole and Christine Bloom were 12 in 2006 when they presented the award for the first time, in front of a dinner audience that included Vice President Dick Cheney.

(Video: Bloom daughters at 2006 RTCA dinner, C-SPAN)

They returned in 2007, when President George W. Bush was the dinner’s headliner, joined by their little sister Ava, then 7.

(Video: Bloom daughters at 2007 RTCA dinner, C-SPAN)

In 2008, the Bloom sisters happily announced their mother Melanie’s new marriage to Dan McNulty, a widower who brought two children of his own to their family.

(Video: Bloom daughters at 2008 RTCA dinner, C-SPAN)

In 2009, they delivered condolences to Luke Russert, whose father Tim of “Meet the Press” had died the previous spring.

(Video: Bloom daughters at 2009 RTCA dinner, C-SPAN)

In 2010, Ava took the place of Christine, who was off at lacrosse camp.

(Video: Bloom daughters at the 2010 RTCA dinner, C-SPAN)

All three came to the stage last week at the 2011 gala, renamed the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner.

(Video: Bloom daughters at the 2011 Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner, C-SPAN)