Martin Garbisu, maitre d’ of the Jockey Club, 1988. (The Washington Post)

The Jockey Club is gone — this time for good. A two-year attempt to revive the legendary D.C. restaurant flopped, and the space in the Fairfax Hotel quietly reopened under the name 2100 Prime two weeks ago.

After four decades as Washington’s A-list hangout — it was a favorite of D.C.’s Old Guard, Nancy Reagan, and every Hollywood celebrity who passed through town — the Jockey Club closed in 2001. The hotel spent millions renovating the space, hired back beloved maître d’ Martin Garbisu, and relaunched the restaurant in late 2008 with hopes of attracting former customers and a new generation of power brokers.

It never happened, and the hotel pulled the plug last month. “We realized that the Jockey Club really was appealing to a narrowing audience,” said general manager Stephen Johnston.