At least two guests stop the networking long enough to listen to Robert Earl Keen and his band at the DGA kickoff party Sunday night in Charlotte. (Amy Argetsinger/The Washington Post)

You text a friend who texts another friend who slips outside to meet you by the entrance and walks you around the corner — out of view of the clipboard sentries — to hand you someone else’s VIP pass (“get it back to me once you’re inside, okay?”), and then you finally make it across the gilded threshhold to find. . . a room full of people plotting how to make it into the next party.

Only at a political convention? The courtesy phone-charging bar at the DGA kickoff party. (Amy Argetsinger/The Washington Post)

“There are so many events!” said Steve Ross, head of the D.C.-based Artists & Athletes Alliance, who had just run a similar party gauntlet in Tampa. “I’m trying to stay flexible, stay loose.” But yes, “I do have a spreadsheet.”

He added: “It’s overwhelming the options you have. Do you want to see Flo Rida [the rapper, headlining a private party benefitting the help-our-vets “Got Your 6” campaign], “or do you want to see Common [another rapper, performing at an RIAA gala]?” It’s all good, man. Our spreadsheet says they’re different nights.

Pacing oneself is key this week. On Saturday night, as the very first convention-goers arrived, one overserved California delegate brawled with staff at a hotel while another passed out in the lobby, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Inside the DGA party’s gauzy white VIP tent (not as hard to penetrate, actually, if you walk with confidence), Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler (a gubernatorial hopeful) braved the Carolina humidity in a blazer. His first convention? San Francisco in 1984. His Yale roommate’s dad ran Gary Hart’s campaign and hooked them up. “I organized a concert with Kenny Loggins and Carole King. That was my job,” he said.

Back then, of course, he thought the best part of the conventions were the after-hours parties. Now, he told us, “the very best part is the delegation breakfasts — you see everyone from home!” Sigh, another thing to crash? Will adjust our spreadsheets accordingly.

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