From tempests in teapots to full-fledged smackdowns to he-saids, she-saids. Controversy was our friend in 2012:

SamCam and Mrs. O. Click for a better look at her dress. (Susan Walsh/AP)

Was that really the president of Estonia mouthing off at Paul Krugman on Twitter? Why did Mayor Vincent Gray skip the State of the Union? Did David Cross really do coke at a White House Correspondents’ dinner? Was Louis C.K. really too offensive to host the Radio-TV Correspondents’ dinner? (yes; for his girlfriend’s birthday party; he’d like you to think so; probably.)

Sen. Rand Paul (John Huff/AP)

Who started it: Rand Paul or the TSA agents? Drake or Chris Brown? Lindsay Lohan or that congressional aide? (hey, man, do NOT get us involved.)

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