Sen. Lindsey Graham and David Gregory singing for their supper at The Week 2011 Opinion Awards on Wednesday. (ImageLink for The Week magazine. )

It’s tempting to call The Week’s Opinion Awards the worst dinner in Washington, but that would be unfair. There are tons of earnest, self-congratulatory wonkfests in this town. So we’ll just call it — as one guest dubbed it — the “I promised Margaret I’d go” awards.

That’s Margaret Carlson, the magazine’s Washington editor-at-large, who cajoled her friends into attending Wednesday’s pundit-on-pundit lovefest at the W Hotel.

The “entertainment” was “Meet the Press” host David Gregory interviewing Obama economics guru Austan Goolsbee and Sen. Lindsey Graham. It went something like this: Obama approval rating blah blah, gas prices, blah blah, potential debt capacity, blah blah, Osama bin Laden, blah blah, blow for moderation, blah blah, entitlement reform — except, you know, for an hour.

It was like Sunday morning. . . without coffee, newspapers, PJs and the remote.

But wait! There’s more! Mika Brzezinski bounced on stage to flack her new book about demanding you get paid what you’re worth (in her case, more than the rest of us will ever see).

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for — the awards! Best columnist Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, accepted hers by sharing favorite compliments about her writing. Best editorial cartoonist — our colleague Tom Toles — donned a head ornament that looked like someone drove a drumstick through his head.

Oh, but this was cute: Best blogger, John Sides of The Monkey Cage, a relatively obscure site devoted to poli-sci research (fun fact: When the Redskins win, federal bureaucrats are more productive, judging by pages published in the Federal Register), alleviated the longest three hours of our life with his giddy awe at being in the same meatspace as the titans of punditry.

“For an academic,” he told us, “this feels grand and luxurious.”

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