Ruby Dee is still alive. (Andy Kropa/Getty Images)

Twitter has killed-off one “D” too many. On Tuesday night, the Internet echo chamber started buzzing with rumors that Ruby Dee, actress and civil rights activist, had passed away. Users logged on to tweet their 140-character condolences. Only, she’s still alive. The Twitter-sphere had gotten its D’s mixed up, confusing the 87-year-old actress for the rapper, Heavy D, who died in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. The goof was further amplified when the Rev. Jesse Jackson signed on and tweeted premature condolences to his 6,244 followers. Jackson quickly corrected himself, however, and the Internet breathed a sigh of relief. “If Ruby Dee dies today, #imout. my heart cant take it,” tweeted Naimthestar, a would-be mourner. “Not 2 D's in one day!”