Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, left, and her new running mate Cheri Honkala. (Amy Argetsinger/The Washington Post)

No, Roseanne Barr did not get the Green Party nod for vice president. The party’s 2012 standard-bearer Jill Stein went with a more mainstream choice (well, by Green Party standards) for her No. 2, announcing Wednesday that Cheri Honkala, an anti-poverty advocate from Philadelphia, will join her on the perpetual underdog ticket.

And yet, Honkala does bring a little Hollywood stardust to the campaign: Her son, Mark Webber, is a successful character actor, who you’d recognize from “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” So there’s that!

At a press conference in Washington unveiling Stein’s “Green New Deal” (guaranteed jobs, tuition-free college, nationalized banks, massive military cuts, an end to both the Patriot Act and Electoral College), the nominees dealt graciously with questions about the pugnacious sitcom star, who came in second to Stein in the Green Party delegate count.

No, they said, no specific role designated for Barr in either the campaign or a hypothetical Stein administration. But “our hope is that Roseanne will continue to be a voice for the Green Party,” said Stein, and “a role model for more people in her position,” i.e., celebrities: “She’s not just sitting back and having fun.”

Barr — scheduled to address the Greens at their convention in Baltimore Saturday — took a couple swipes at the party on Twitter Wednesday (“The green party has never been interested in anything I have to say”; “Class and race are unimportant issues to the green party”) but voiced nothing but support for Stein: “She is the best candidate running. GP needs cohesion now.”

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