Geoff Tracy. (Len Spoden Photography)

So how do D.C. police feel about “Chef GeoffTracy’s speed-cam activism? Fine by them.

The owner of the popular Chef Geoff restaurants has taken to warning patrons, via Facebook and email, about a camera on Foxhall Road — this after he got dinged with three costly tickets. He told us this week he’s even pondering hiring a guy with sign to warn other drivers when they’re approaching the cam.

Is that. . . okay? Sure, said MPD spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump. The city makes no secret of where it keeps its cameras, she noted, and “he acknowledges that upon receiving tickets he has modified his behavior, which is exactly what we want.”

In fact, Crump said, the camera in question faces north, to snag drivers going uphill — not downhill, as Tracy complained. So now you know.

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