Gilbert Arenas (Susan Walsh/AP)

Is Gilbert Arenas not reading his own lawsuits? On Sunday, the exiled former Wizard launched into a Twitter rant about how unbothered he was about his ex-fiancee signing on to the “Basketball Wives” cast. “If she gets a job i [pay] less money to her,” he wrote. He even urged fellow NBA star Chris Bosh not to block his ex-girlfriend from reality TV: “let them run around tellin how they USED to live and throw water in each other face.”

Odd. Because, as we reported this weekend, Arenas filed suit last Thursday over Laura Govan’s reality TV plans — using the same legal team that Bosh hired to go after his ex. Arenas’s lawyers did not respond for comment. Arenas, now with the Orlando Magic, ended the rant mocking any woman who dates within the NBA: “being with a baller is like a reality show . . . you’ll get 15 mins of fame but u will lose urself doing it.”