Gilbert Arenas while playing for the Orlando Magic last year. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

It’s been a year since erstwhile Wizards star Gilbert Arenas unleashed his lawyers on then-ex-fiancée Laura Govan and a TV production company to try to block her role on “Basketball Wives: L.A.,” claiming it traded on his fame. Since then, the first season of the show has come and gone — and the battling duo have not only reconciled but are planning a wedding. (They now live with their four kids in Memphis, where he plays for the Grizzlies.) And yet still the wheels of litigation kept turning! Until now.

On Friday, a federal judge in Los Angeles agreed to dismiss the case. Court records suggest that even once Arenas wearied of the suit, dropping it wasn’t so easy: The defendants at Shed Media resisted the terms he sought; ultimately the judge allowed it to be dismissed without prejudice, meaning Arenas could refile someday (hey, season two is now filming!) — but ordered him to cover $32K of Shed’s legal bills.

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