Hillary Howard, after brain surgery, is keeping her incision under wraps for now. (Dave Statter)

WTOP anchor Hillary Howard is out of the hospital and feeling just fine after her brain surgery.

“They got everything out they expected to get out,” she told us Monday, nearly two weeks after the procedure at Johns Hopkins to remove a benign tumor known as a meningioma. She’s napping a lot these days — “the doctor says it’s the anesthesia” — but “I feel remarkably good.” She expects to return to the airwaves May 16.

Doesn’t it hurt? Sometimes, she said, the incision aches — a line across the crown of her head, which until a few days ago was held together by 23 staples. But “you don’t feel pain in your brain,” since there are few pain receptors there and few muscles to cut through to get to it. “My C-section hurt a lot more.”