James Packard-Gomez, left, with Iman and former partner Erwin Gomez, in happier times. (Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images)

A year ago, James Packard-Gomez was enjoying an extended moment in a slightly absurd spotlight. The co-operator of Georgetown’s Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa had just bought Michaele Salahi’s infamous red sari at an auction for $7,000. She had dressed at the salon before the White House state dinner crashing incident, and the gown, he said, was “part of the history of the salon.”

But within weeks, the salon itself was history: Shuttered amid his final, contentious split with makeup artist Erwin Gomez . And now Packard-Gomez is in bigger trouble. Jefferson County, W. Va. officials confirm he’s facing charges in connection with the mishandling of a will. Washingtonian reported that relatives of the late John Warfield, owner of the salon’s building, claim Packard-Gomez misappropriated millions from his estate — and that no one’s seen him for months. He didn’t return our calls this week; neither did his last known lawyer.

Back from the Brink, Washingtonian, Dec. 2011

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