Stovell said people often remarked on his resemblance to LeBron James. (Courtesy of Leicester Bryce Stovell)

The odd case of a D.C. lawyer who claimed to be the father of LeBron James has reached an unsurprising end: Thrown out of court.

Leicester Bryce Stovell filed a $4 million suit in federal court in D.C. last year claiming that he’d fathered the NBA superstar — in a chance, one-night encounter with then-15-year-old Gloria James — and accusing the Jameses of rigging the DNA tests to come back negative.

But attorneys for the mother and son disputed his claims, and last week U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly went their way. Stovell “fails to allege any facts to explain how they allegedly falsified the results,” she wrote. Nor, she said, did he demonstrate how any such fraud had cheated him out of money: “Apparently Stovell believes that companies are willing to pay him for being the father of LeBron James.” Stovell told Legal Times he’s considering “a number of legal options.”

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