Jimmy A. Bell (Courtesy of Jimmy A. Bell)

So you’ve probably been wondering: Whatever happened to the lawyer who sued the Landover salon for charging him $4 more than his ladyfriend for a mani-pedi?

The case has closed, and Jimmy A. Bell — a headline-grabbing attorney for D.L. Hughley and Timothy Dean, among others — tells us he settled with the salon. Confidential terms, though probably far less than the $200K Bell sought. But the cause lives on: Bell is now representing another guy, Norris William Sydnor III, suing Rich’s Nail Salon for gender pricing discrimination — and a Prince George’s County Circuit Court judge on Monday issued an injunction ordering the salon to charge men and women the same price until the case goes to a jury. The salon’s lawyer did not return calls. So does that mean Bell will take his nails back to Rich’s? “I get them done privately now,” he said.

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