Conference winners in the 2011 Reliable Source Tournament. Clockwise from top left: Chris Lee, Valerie Plame, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Charlie Sheen . (AP file photos)

Upsets abounded in this year’s Reliable Source Tournament, where hometown favorites struggled for footing. Top seed Chris Lee, the Craigslist Congressman, powered past the likes of resurgent Helen Thomas and oversharing Lillian McEwen to seize the Overexposed conference title. And Valerie Plame, the spy turned spy novelist, bested Michael Steele in the Moving On bracket. But Lee — perhaps because he resigned so quickly? — was no match for the steamrolling Charlie Sheen, who had already made mincemeat of the Dan Snyder lawsuit. And then the Royal Wedding came out of the Hot Ticket bracket with a victory over John Boehner’s tears (that was so January 2011) to trounce Plame — and then topple Sheen, seizing the championship for Mother England. Washington, you better try harder next year.

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