Wayne Brady in Los Angeles in February. (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

We stand corrected! A day after we scoured Wayne Brady’s record and declared him the safest and cleanest comedian that the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association could possibly pick for its annual gala, a couple readers informed us that Brady does indeed have the power to offend. We’re told that at his Kennedy Center concert last Thursday, Brady — who generally eschews four-letter words — dropped a choice three-letter word. “Kiss my a--,” Brady told a front-row patron whom he caught dozing (and who told Brady he was “bored” when called out for it). No idea how the rest of the sold-out hall took it, but hey, that’s at least two people who have been offended by Wayne Brady! The “Let’s Make a Deal” host got the RTCA gig after Louis C.K. dropped out over complaints about past riffs using unprintably vulgar language towards women. Stacy Mark, a rep for Brady, said the improv comic/singer isn’t concerned about causing controversy at the media dinner. “He’s not a traditional standup comic,” she said. “He’s a brilliant entertainer.”

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