Barrymore with Kopelman at the movie premiere. (Susan Walsh/AP)

After slipping away early from the Sequoia afterparty Wednesday for the premiere of her “Big Miracle” in Georgetown, she and fiancé Will Kopelman resurfaced in Dupont Circle around 9:30 p.m. where they tried to get a table at Komi.

Sophisticated choice: The fixed-price Greek restaurant routinely makes the D.C.’s-best lists and scores the maximum four stars from Post critic Tom Sietsema. Arguably a cut above Fox & Hounds, the dive bar just a few doors away where Barrymore spent a long evening in 2007. (Yeah, we still can’t get over that.)

But Komi turned them away! They were too late — by about a month. Komi takes reservations 30 days in advance. Not only were they fully booked that night, we’re told, but the tiny space can only seat four at a table. Barrymore rolled up with a posse of about 10. And under best conditions, probably too late to make it through the leisurely multi-course tasting menu.

Oh well. She and her friends ended up chowing down at Shake Shack a couple blocks away, taking a table in the back of the upper level, according to a fellow diner. Paparazzi caught up with them on the way in and out of the burger joint.

updated 7 p.m.

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