Seth Meyers doles out the snark during the 2011 White Hous Correspondent’s dinner. (AP)

Some highlights:

• “I’m going to make a lot of jokes about many of the people in this room, but don’t worry. I assure that no matter how harsh the jokes, they’ve all been vetted by the man at the top: Chinese President Hu Jintao.”

• “The New York times [after] party used to be free, but tonight, apparently there’s a cover. So, like everyone else, I’ll probably just go to the Huffington Post party. And the Huffington Post party is asking people to go to other parties first and just steal food and drinks and bring it from there.”

• “Side-note: I actually met James O’Keefe last night. At least, I think it was James O’Keefe. It may have just been a regular pimp who hated organized labor.”

• “I’ll tell you who could definitely beat you [in 2012], Mr. President: 2008 Barack Obama. You would have loved him.”

• “Mr. President, look at your hair. If your hair gets any whiter the tea party is going to endorse it. Ooooh, I’m going to get an angry voicemail from Ginni Thomas in 19 years.”

• “I’ll bet it’s hard getting back in campaign mode again, but you know who is really dreading it? He’s writing down words that rhyme with ‘debt-ceiling’.”