Kate Hudson with Piers Morgan, left, and Goldie Hawn at the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair WHCD afterparty. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Arianna Huffington was attached to her publication’s guest, Dakota Fanning. . . Actually, tangled up with is a better description: The two stood so close that Fanning’s glitzy Prada gown clung to Huffington’s neon Nanette Lepore, rhinestones poised to ravage lace. [see photo] Fanning tugged lightly as Huffington chatted away with others, seemingly unaware as the young starlet gingerly pulled the embellishments off her host. (Less considerate starlets would have yanked and ran.)”

Boyle also checks in on the fashion choices of non-famous guests, including Sandra Fluke. Read more: Long gowns and updos in fashion at White House Correspondents’ cocktail party, 4/30/12

UPDATE: Did Diane Keaton have fun? (Of course she did!) . . . Did anyone recognize “American Idol” discard Colton Dixon at the dinner? . . . . Did Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell get to meet any celebrities?

Other new WHCD stories: The complicated politics of Obama’s Young Jeezy’s joke. The annual backlash to the president’s WHCD speech begins, and Chris Cillizza analyzes it. . . . A brief chat with repeat WHCD guest Kim Kardashian , and other chats with Daniel Dae Kim and Matthew Morrison and Josh Hutcherson .

And catching up: The spectacle of WHCD parties and afterparties — you can’t fight it, so just enjoy it.

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