George Clooney, sitting next to Michelle Obama at the state dinner. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)


For the British, we roll out our most glorious specimen. For the British, we bring out The Clooney.

The purpose of a state dinner is always to cement relationships, celebrate ties, create photo-ops. But diplomatic canoodling reaches a treacly pinnacle when the guests in question are our special friends from across the Pond — as they were at Wednesday’s White House party. . . Read full story of the White House state dinner for Britain, including:

• How “the score at the dinner was Harry Potter:1, Downton Abbey: 2.”

• Who looked “teeny as a human Q-Tip.”

• About the “strong showing of gay power couples.”

• And why President Obama gifted Prime Minister Cameron “a wood- and charcoal-burning Braten 1000 Series Grill.”:

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