Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and second-place rival Roseanne Barr. (Courtesy of Jill Stein; Getty Images)

UPDATE, Wednesday morning: Roseanne Barr did not get the nod for veep. Read more: Update: Cheri Honkala — not Roseanne Barr — picked for Green Party VP nominee

Feeling let down by the 2012 veepstakes? Having trouble working up enough passion to debate the merits of Tim Pawlenty vs. Rob Portman? Clearly you’ve been following the wrong party. The question at hand: Will Roseanne Barr get the No. 2 spot on the Green Party ticket?

On the eve of the Greens’ annual convention in Baltimore, their presumptive nominee, Jill Stein, will announce her pick for running mate Wednesday morning in Washington. And the outspoken sitcom star?

“She’s one of the people who was on the short­list,” Stein’s campaign manager, Ben Manski, told us.

Barr, after all, came in second to Stein in the delegate count, despite entering the race relatively late in February and mounting a somewhat quixotic campaign (she recently tried to recruit Willie Nelson as her running mate via Twitter). A distant second — 84 compared to Stein’s 205 — but second nonetheless. And on Saturday, she’s scheduled to speak at the convention just before Stein, a Massachusetts physician.

Manski said Barr has not been a distraction from the serious business of campaigning. “It’s a sign of the maturity of the Green Party that we have attracted somebody as well known as Roseanne Barr and as admired for her acting career and activism.”

Yet he said it says even more about the Greens’ growth that they’ve elevated “a seriously homegrown candidate” like Stein — i.e., a veteran Green, unlike the ex-Democrats who once claimed the Green Party’s nomination: Ralph Nader, who won 2.74 percent of the national vote in 2000, and Cynthia McKinney, who got 0.12 percent in 2008.

But can Barr — whose campaign didn’t respond for comment — survive a vetting? On Twitter, she drops what would be a career-ender for any other pol at least once a day: rants against the Catholic Church, plenty of f-words, even the occasional grousing that her own party is trying to “silence me.” And she hasn’t exactly left showbiz: She’s got a sitcom in development, and plans to make a documentary of her campaign.

On the other hand, she’s got good chemistry with the front-runner.

“Of course,” she told Stein during their sparks-free debate in San Francisco in May, “I agree with everything you just said.”

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