Casey Stengel famously said: “Can’t anyone around here play this game?” Well, sometimes it does seem like there is an epidemic of dumb moves and silly ideas in this election cycle. The list could be much longer, but here are 10 of the worst strategic political assessments of late:

1. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.): “Who needs a budget when you’re trying to get reelected?”

2. David Axelrod: “Who needs an agenda when you’re doing a bang-up job on the economy?”

3. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “Who needs a Syria policy when you have Russia as our friend?”

4. Chief Justice John Roberts: “Who needs a cogent argument on the taxing power when you know what’s best for the Supreme Court?”

5. Democratic National Committee: “Who needs a great convention location when you have a right-to-work, anti-gay-marriage state that really isn’t in play?”

6. Liberal media: “Who needs to do your own reporting when the Obama camp is spoon-feeding you misleading Bain attacks?”

7. President Obama: “Who needs a credible military option for Iran when sanctions are ‘working’ so well?”

8. Democratic Senate candidate: “Who needs to differentiate yourself on Obamacare when the public loves the legislation?”

9. Chief of staff Jack Lew: “Who needs to deal with the ‘fiscal cliff’ when the economy is going so swimmingly?”

10. VP sweepstakes observers; “Who needs to be skeptical of the Condi Rice buzz when she doesn’t want the job, had a lousy track record, is identified with President George W. Bush and is pro-choice?”