The Obama campaign is having a tough go of it. The only debate seems to be whether the president can get his act together or whether this is the beginning of a political death spiral. His reelection may require some economic improvement or some clever scheme to make the last 3 1/2 years irrelevant. (Instead of a new message perhaps he needs the Neuralyzer from “Men in Black,” which blots out memory.) In the meantime, there are at least 10 signs he’s in deep trouble:

1. “Six months ago, President Barack Obama flew to Osawatomie, Kan., to give a speech embracing ‘a fair shot’ for all Americans. Thursday, he’ll head to Cleveland for another speech, trying to lay out his economic vision again.” Chances are if you have to keep laying out your “vision,” you don’t have one.

2. The Obama team is showing message envy. “You can pretty much put their campaign on, on a tweet and have some characters to spare.” (True: Get rid of Obama or Free markets and cut government.)

3. The New York Times would rather put a foreign policy debacle (“Influx of Heavy Arms Pushes Syria Toward Civil War”) on page one than cover the campaign. By the way, civil war has been raging in Syria for some time now. (Next up for the Gray Lady: “Russia is not a democracy.”)

4. Liberals are sounding more strained every day. “Obama’s Reelection Hopes Ride on This Man; Can campaign rat Jim Messina win back the president’s base and get his boss four more years?” Really, the president’s hope lies not with the economy or his own vision but with a political hack?

5. Democrats are airing their angst to the press. The Post reports:“Obama campaign’s rough patch concerns some Democrats.” Actually, lots and lots of Dems are bad-mouthing the reelection effort. (“‘The bad thing is, there is no new thinking in that circle,’ said one longtime operative in Democratic presidential campaigns. . . . Eight other prominent Democratic strategists interviewed shared that view, describing Obama’s team as resistant to advice and assistance from those who are not part of its core. All of them spoke on the condition of anonymity as well.”) Well, that’s only nine sources ... nine?!?

6. As if usually reliable Democratic Jewish voters were not annoyed enough with Obama, they will likely start grumbling that Vladimir Putin is going to Israel, but Obama hasn’t been since he was elected.

7. Obama refuses to change his message, even though it’s unclear he has one currently. “A day after prominent Democratic strategists warned that the party’s basic message isn’t working, President Barack Obama spoke at a fundraising event near Baltimore and delivered a version of the same speech he has been giving for months.”

8. Michelle Obama may accomplish more for American health care than her husband. And her effort isn’t unconstitutional (“Walt Disney Co. unveiled new rules for its children’s networks that could ban ads for junk food marketed to young viewers. CEO Robert Iger announced the new policy at an appearance with First Lady Michelle Obama.”).

9. Calls for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign and a possible contempt citation don’t even make the top five list of Obama disasters this month.

10. Conservatives have started watching MSNBC just to watch the liberal meltdowns.