There is more fodder for the debate on the state of Jewish public opinion in America:

In a poll conducted by Democrat Pat Caddell and Republican John McLaughlin for the non-partisan organization Secure America Now, American Jewish voters expressed admiration for many of President Obama’s personal qualities (honesty, leadership, intelligence...) they also expressed deep concern about the state of Israel/US relations and policies being championed by the Obama Administration.

93% are concerned about Israel being threatened by Arab nations and Iran that want to destroy Israel.

81% are against Israel being forced to return to its pre-1967 borders.

81% agree with the Administration as they oppose the UN recognizing a Palestinian State

76% are concerned about Islamic terrorism committed in the US by American born Muslims

73% believe Jerusalem should remain the united capital of Israel and only 8% support that the US should force Israel to give away parts of Jerusalem.

88% believes that a prerequisite for Palestinian Statehood is their recognition of Israel as a Jewish State.

And by a 54-21 majority they feel that the Arab Spring has made the world more dangerous for Israel.

That this divide may have political consequences can be seen in the answers to the following: Despite a job approval rating of 63% for President Obama, only two in five Jewish voters (43%) say they would vote to re-elect President Obama. The plurality (48%) would consider someone else and 9% are undecided.

The poll is of 600 American Jews. The partisan sample is as follows: Democratic (57%), Republican (17%) and independent (23%). Divided by ideology the respondents were Liberal (39%), Moderate (34%) & Conservative (23%). In 2008 these respondents votes broke down as follows: Obama (65%), McCain (24%), Other (2%) and Did Not Vote-Not Registered Then (3%).

In addition to the figures above, a telling result is that 26 percent think Obama favors Israel, 31 percent think he favors the Palestinians and 43 percent refuse to state or don’t know. Among Republicans that split is 11/67%. Among independents it is 18/41%.

On whether they would vote for Obama or consider someone else the breakdown by party is: Democrats (64/28 %), Republicans (2/95%) and independents (25/60%).

A few takeaways jump out at me. First, independents react much closer to Republicans than to Democrats. Second, even among Democrats, there is significant disapproval of Obama’s approach to Israel (36% disapprove). And finally, there is enormous concern across party lines about how Obama would treat Israel were he given a second term. Ninety-one percent of Republicans, 59 percent of Democrats and 69 percent of independents registered concern.

There is a reason why the White House is going on a spin offensive to keep Jewish voters from drifting away. His policies have upset a great number of them, regardless of party.