Mahmoud Abbas, who is supposed to represent the reasonable half of the Palestinian unity government, takes to the New York Times to make it perfectly clear that a long list of U.N. resolutions and agreements (Res. 242, Res. 338, the Oslo Accords, Oslo II) are meaningless and that the Palestinian Authority is going to the United Nations to get its statehood, presumably with no indication that it will recognize the Jewish state, end incitement of terrorism or give up the goal of a one-state solution (i.e. give up the right of return):

Palestine’s admission to the United Nations would pave the way for the internationalization of the conflict as a legal matter, not only a political one. It would also pave the way for us to pursue claims against Israel at the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies and the International Court of Justice.

He gets points for candor, laying out a plan that will delegitimize the Jewish state. You see, the war against the Jews will now move from the battlefield to the courtroom. Given this mentality, it is remarkable the Obama administration remained convinced for so long that Abbas was interested in a peace deal.

The op-ed is also strewn with lies. As Jeffrey Goldberg points out:

In an op-ed in the Times today (about which more later, if I can get to it), the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas writes the following about himself: “Sixty-three years ago, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy was forced to leave his home in the Galilean city of Safed and flee with his family to Syria. He took up shelter in a canvas tent provided to all the arriving refugees. Though he and his family wished for decades to return to their home and homeland, they were denied that most basic of human rights.”

This statement creates a couple of impressions. One subtle impression is that a certain group of people can’t seem to help but oppress little boys from the Galilee. The second, clearer impression that it was the Zionist army that “forced” Abbas’s family to leave Safed. This does not seem to be true.

But this is the myth the Palestinians have never given up. The myth requires that they preserve the right of return, which would by demography wipe out the Jewish state. As Goldberg puts it, “Mahmoud Abbas cannot bring himself to note that the Jews accepted the partition plan, while the Arabs rejected it, and went to war to extinguish the new Jewish state in the cradle, and then lost their offensive war.” And he therefore cannot bring himself to accept the Jewish state.

President Obama is meeting with Bibi Netanyahu this week, and then both will speak at the AIPAC convention. The question remains: Will Obama reject this unilateralism or encourage it? Will he demand anything of Abbas?

Speaking of the election, Tim Pawlenty put out a ringing statement of support for the Jewish state today:

President Obama should use his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to stand with Israel and oppose a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations.

“The United Nations has been — and continues to be — the single worst forum to resolve key issues between the Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinians should be sitting down to negotiate peace with Israel, not creating a unity government with Hamas or grandstanding at the UN. President Obama should make clear that the United States will veto any UN resolution supporting a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood that comes before the UN Security Council in September.

Israel has been seeking peace for all of its 63 years. Strong and reliable American support for this important ally is the best way to move closer to that goal.

You can’t say that voters concerned about this issue wouldn’t have a choice in a Pawlenty-Obama election contest.