In late August I spoke to John, a former bundler for Barack Obama’s 2008 race. He told me he’d reached his “tipping point” and wouldn’t support President Obama in 2012. Although he is Jewish, it wasn’t Israel that was the deal-breaker.As he put it, “Entitlements (and I mean more than just Social Security and Medicare), a corrosive, debilitating, nonsensical tax policy and government overreach are literally sucking the life force out of the underlying vitality and spirit that has made us both remarkable and exceptional in the course of world history and are the primary contributors of our current situation.” At that time, he was still searching for a candidate.

I asked him again today whom he would support. He told me, “While I am not particularly tingling with warmth and enthusiasm, I am perfectly fine with [Mitt] Romney. I believe he is very electable and will attract many independents and Jewish Democrats who are uncomfortable with [Rick] Perry. I just hope he appoints Paul Ryan to run his economic team.” But, he said, he’s not fundraising this time around.

Is John typical of some disaffected Obama voters? That’s what Romney is betting on. But I’m sure he’d like to get John a bit more enthused and maybe even inspire him to raise some money. That too, might illustrate the status of the race. Voters are moving toward Romney, but not very cheerily and with their wallets tightly held.