The media might not be interested in former congressman Artur Davis’s party switch. But Mitt Romney’s campaign sure is. You can see why they sent this clip around:

You figure that will be used in a Romney ad? Think Davis might show up on the trail with Romney? Yup.

Davis is carrying the message Romney will need in order to wean 2008 Obama voters away from the president. Voters who went with “hope and change” in 2008 don’t want to hear they missed the blinking red warning lights (no executive experience, “share the wealth” economics, etc.). But they are, maybe, amenable to the argument that Obama posed as a moderate, governed as a liberal and ultimately couldn’t get anything accomplished.

Davis, the model of calm and reasonableness, gives a powerful rebuttal to the favorite media meme that Republicans have gone off the deep end and are obstructionists. He’s saying that with a better leader, the gridlock can end. (Wait, I fear, for the anti-Davis smears to start popping up. That’s when you know he’s gotten the Obama team’s goat.)

In 1980 there were the “Reagan Democrats.” In 2012 Romney hopes there will be legions of “Davis ex-Democrats.”