Continetti is guest-blogging for The Post.

I remember when the barrage ended. It was in the spring of 2008. For more than a year, my inbox had been swarmed with e-mails from Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. The news releases were McGuffey Reader-like in their descriptions of the former Massachusetts governor’s presidential quest: See Mitt run. See Mitt run in New Hampshire. Run, Mitt, run. Hear what Mitt said in Iowa. Read the pundit. Read the pundit talk about what Mitt said in Iowa. Talk, pundit, talk.

No step went unreported. No detail went unnoticed. The Romney e-mails became the bane of the political press.

Then he bowed out of the race. And the e-mails stopped. All was quiet. But it was not to last.

That Romney is running for president in 2012 is no secret. But how do I know for sure? A few weeks ago the e-mails started again. So far they’ve been relatively few and far between. These are just feints, however. The full assault will arrive in time.

Yet I fear this battle has a tragic outcome — for Romney. Unfortunately, many voters still view his religion with suspicion. Social conservatives have never been truly comfortable with his past views on abortion and stem-cell research. Voters respect his business acumen but haven’t really warmed up to him. The albatross of his Massachusetts health plan is hanging around his neck. The next time the e-mails stop, it will be for good.