Andrew Breitbart would have gotten a hoot out of this one: “Mr. Breitbart’s political adversaries are speaking kindly about a man they often vilified.” Not. Media Matters was the exception, not the rule.

Charlie Spiering and others have gone to the trouble of collecting the hate-filled tweets that celebrated his death. It’s not simply stray wackos but the supposed cream of the liberal crop that could not contain itself. Suggesting a protest by the Westboro Baptist Church in his honor? Sure. Rolling Stone obscenity? You betcha.

Even the Daily Beast’s David Frum (a largely fallen conservative who often tangled with Breitbart) opined: “Public figures are inescapably judged by their public actions. When those public actions are poisonous, the obituary cannot be pleasant reading.” (To be clear, Frum did not rheotorically dance on Breitbart’s grave.)

The irony here is that “Breitbart’s enemies are being civil!” is preceisely the sort of cant that Breitbart raged against. He (recall the left’s reaction to the Arizona massacre) decried and debunked the pretense that the left was so much more genteel and dignified than the right. He delighted in re-tweeting the vicious tweets about him so that the veneer of civility would be stripped away. And it is largely to Breitbart’s pioneering spirit that there are a flock of New Media outlets to, in his absence, immediately take up the task of balancing, prodding and debunking what used to be a mainstream media monopoly.