You know it was a bad day for Herman Cain when a Gloria Allred press conference with a boyfriend of Sharon Bialek was not the worst thing to happen. This was part of his interview with the Journal-Sentinel:

Oh boy. Texas Gov. Rick Perry can now rest easy; His was not the most cringe-inducing moment of this campaign.

But that’s not all. Cain also came out in favor of public employee collective bargaining. The Journal-Sentinel reports: “He believes public employees should be allowed to bargain collectively on wages and other benefits as long as it does not create an undue burden on taxpayers.” Actually, that quote suggests he had a single position on the issue. He was in fact a muddle:

On the issue of collective bargaining, Cain said he supported the right of public employees to bargain collectively.

“But not collective hijacking. What I mean by that, if they have gotten so much for so many years and it’s going to bankrupt the state, I don’t think that’s good. It appears that in some instances, they really don’t care.”

Asked about last week’s vote in Ohio, in which the state’s new collective bargaining law was rejected by voters, Cain said that “maybe they tried to get too much and as a result it failed.”

Asked if the Ohio Legislature had gone too far in stripping collective bargaining rights for public employees, including fire and police personnel, Cain said that Ohio legislators “may have tried to get too much in one bill.”

Ohio’s collective bargaining law differed from Wisconsin in at least one key aspect: Wisconsin exempted police and fire personnel from the law.

In an interview with the Journal Sentinel last month, Cain said that he was “right in the corner of Gov. Scott Walker 100%” in Walker’s battle with public employee unions.

Cain also appeared to be unclear on the issue of collective bargaining as it involves federal employees. Asked if he thought federal employees should have the ability to bargain collectively, Cain said: “They already have it, don’t they?”

Told they didn’t, he said, “They have unions.”

Enough! Republicans can’t take it anymore. He is shockingly ignorant, and entirely unfit to run for president. I’m not sure he even follows current events. Expect to see his poll numbers tumble further. He’s been ”flyspecked” right out of the top tier. We’ll see who picks up his stunned former supporters.