Here is Newt Gingrich in all his delusional glory:

Actually, Gingrich railed at President Bill Clinton, declaring there was no morality in the White House. He and those aware of his affair with Callista Bisek (now his wife) knew very well how explosive this was.

And notice how now he’s perfectly fine with the “open marriage question.” Gingrich’s feigned outrage at John King was a stunt, of course, to endear himself to the anti-mainstream-media audience. Here he acknowledges it was a legitimate topic. He blew up because it was asked first in the debate? Oh puleeez.

Unfortunately for him, neither insulting a local newsman by accusing him of having a “mental synapse” [he meant a gap] nor the facts are flattering to Gingrich. But the ease with which he dissembles is extraordinary, isn’t it?