We’ll be watching the 134th debate of this presidential cycle tonight. Well it seems like there have been that many. They’ve been going on since the spring, but that seems like eons ago. It’s all hazy now, but I remember when:

●Mitt Romney’s toughest competition was Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)

●Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s supporters looked forward to seeing their man debate.

●Herman Cain was the nice one.

●Reporters were hawking Jon Huntsman as the GOP’s best hope.

●Newt Gingrich was down in the dumps, deprived of David Carney’s brilliant advice.

●Bachmann thought it was a good idea to hire Ed Rollins.

●There was no way Tim Pawlenty could catch up to Bachmann in Iowa.

●The media fretted that Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) wasn’t being taken seriously.

●Rick Santorum was thought to be deprived, lacking the wise counsel of advisers such as Mark Block and Nick Ayers.

●We didn’t know the candidates’ answers better and quicker than they did.

●We listened to the debates with only half an ear because someone more impressive would certainly enter the race.

Right Turn will be back after tonight’s debate with a wrap-up and analysis.