The Post-Bloomberg debate tonight will feature a new element. Each candidate can ask a question of a rival. Whom you ask is as important as what you ask. Here are my suggestions for strategic queries.

Mitt Romney to Herman Cain: As one business guy to another, do you think Gov. Rick Perry should be doling out taxpayer money to business, some of which are big contributors to his campaigns or is this just Solyndra-lite? [This avoids the problem of punching down at a lesser rival.]

Cain to Romney: Wasn’t it a mistake to mandate Massachusetts residents buy insurance they didn’t want? [He says his only real competition is Romney.]

Perry to Cain: Why would you give the feds a whole new sales tax to hike? [Sure, he’d like to go after Romney, but if he wants to win, he shouldn’t delude himself; Cain is his problem.]

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) to Perry: Why would you subsidize illegal aliens in higher education and then complain that everything from the high rate of uninsured Texans to poor school results are traceable to the flood of illegal immigrants?

Rick Santorum to Perry: I’d like a straight answer to Michele’s question. Actually, I want to know why you don’t much care if low-income Americans or middle-income Americans wind up getting a bigger tax burden under 9-9-9.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) to Perry: Why did it take you several years and a few debates to decide mandating HPV vaccinations was a deprivation of basic liberty?

Jon Huntsman to Cain: Why should we go from one novice to another as commander in chief?

Newt Gingrich to moderators: I refuse to play these gotcha games. And why didn’t anyone ask me anything?

Right Turn will be back right after the date for analysis and a recap of key moments.