Tonight’s town-hall-style debate is as much about the candidates’ personal presence and connection to voters as it is about the substance of their answers. That said, it is probably bad news for each if the following words or phrases come up a lot:

Bad for President Obama: Big Bird, Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, “spike the football,” ”middle class squeeze,” debt, small businesses, food stamps, welfare reform, “lead from behind,” sequestration, “reach across the aisle,” Obamacare, “$716M from Medicare to pay for Obamacare,” the Keystone XL pipeline and “four more years.”

Bad for Mitt Romney: “tax cuts for the rich,” “47 percent”, vouchers, extreme, radical, flip-flop, “go it alone,” top 1 percent, Bush foreign policy, Wall Street, obstructionism, House Republicans, birth control, Bill Clinton, big business, Donald Trump and the DREAM Act.

Right Turn will be back after the debate with analysis and winners and losers.