Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” mocked the left for its run of bad news, specifically the NPR debacle and the president’s acknowledgement that Guantanamo won’t be closed. But there was so much more (much after the program aired).

Let’s review. The Senate Democrats were embarrassed when the Republican spending- cut plan got more votes than their own plan in a body in which Democrats enjoy a six-vote majority; Wisconsin state senators and public employee unions lost their battle to stare down Gov. Scott Walker (R); the Obama administration abandoned its delaying tactics in the ObamaCare lawsuit; and President Obama’s poll numbers are sinking again. Meanwhile, Obama is being lambasted for paralysis on Libya. And if all that were not enough, it turns out that, just as was the case in the Ground Zero Mosque, Americans really don’t appreciate being called Islamophobes by the left. Gallup reports:

Republicans and Democrats differ significantly in their views of the House Homeland Security Committee hearings to investigate terrorist recruitment efforts in the American Muslim community, scheduled to begin Thursday morning in Washington. While 52% of all Americans say these hearings are appropriate, Republicans, at 69%, are much more likely to say this than are Democrats, at 40%. Independents’ views are similar to the national average, with 51% supporting the hearings. . . .

The current data suggest that Americans overall are more likely than not to agree with [Rep. Peter] King that his hearings are appropriate, at least in their reactions to the description of those hearings included in this survey. The majority of Americans, however, do not believe that Muslims in this country are sympathetic to al Qaeda.

Of course, King (R-N.Y.) is making no such allegation about Muslims; to the contrary, he’s trying to figure out how a small minority of them are lured into jihadism.

Is the left cracking up again? We thought the midterm elections were the low point for the Democratic Party. But just as 2006 was only a warm-up to Republicans’ defeat in 2008, it may be that through a combination of presidential inactivity, legislative intransigence (not a penny more in cuts!) and dependence on Big Labor that the Democratic Party may not have bottomed out yet.

Conservatives shouldn’t pop the champagne corks yet. They still don’t have a presidential candidate who can wow the base. They haven’t yet presented their own budget. And Obama’s ability to mollify his base and demonize Republicans shouldn’t be discounted. But you’d be hard-pressed to find another week in which the Democrats did so poorly.