Rather than the donkey, the Democratic Party should adopt the ostrich as its mascot. There is so much reality to ignore and so many ridiculous excuses to keep straight, you sometimes wonder if there isn’t someone, somewhere on the left (other than Bill Clinton) who is looking at this stuff rationally.

To demonstrate how unconnected from reality many in the left punditocracy are, I offer a matrix. For Dems, any of the numbered items (problems) can be matched with any of the lettered items (excuses). (Others on the left just ignore the bad news entirely.)

Here are some problems:

1. The Congressional Budget Office has a dire warning about the debt.

2. The jobs numbers stink.

3. Mitt Romney’s favorables are going up.

4. There are daily objections from moderate Democrats to Bain attacks and the refusal to extend the Bush tax cuts.

5. Sanctions and diplomacy haven’t slowed the Iranians’ progress on a nuclear bomb.

6. Obama is standing by while mass murder takes place in Syria.

7. Gay marriage may cost Obama critical states in the election.

Now the excuses:

A. It is a communications problem.

B. Someone is lying (Romney, Fox News, etc.)

C. The voters don’t care about ______.

D. It is racism.

E. It is Bush’s fault.

F. It is House Republicans’ fault.

Notice how you can pair these up any way and still have a lefty argument: 3A, 3B, 3D, 3E and 3F all “work.” So do 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D and 5E. You see, nothing is ever Obama’s fault, and if it is, no one cares.

We can laugh about it. But these people by and large believe this. As a result there is no thought to revisiting issues or reconsidering positions. Republicans shouldn’t disabuse Democrats of this rather comic display of self-delusion. Instead, hug a Democrat — or as we like to say, pat an ostrich.