Sandra Fluke is now officially on the Obama for America payroll and sends out an e-mail announcing, “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to distance themselves from the [Todd Akin] remark — but the fact is they’re in lockstep with Akin on the major women’s health issues of our time.” Really? I thought they denounced him, tried to chase him out of the Senate race and said a Romney administration would favor the same three exceptions that have been in the Hyde Amendment (rape, incest, life of the mother) for decades. But facts, schmacts.

The Democrats, reports suggest, are going to focus their convention in Charlotte, N.C. ( a right-to-work state that voted to ban gay marriage), on Todd Akin, to a surprisingly large extent. This will be quite amusing when he eventually drops out. But at least we know they are attuned to abortion, an issue that registers at less than 1 percent in Gallup’s poll asking about voters’ most important issues.

It’s not clear if they will have a single abortion night or multiple nights on the subject. Maybe they could call their three convention nights “trimesters,” and on the last of these extol their devotion to late-term and partial-birth abortions. President Obama has spoken eloquently on the topic.

It is, I think, appropriate to devote this much focus to abortion since there is no issue closer to the soul of the Democratic Party than the right to abort a baby for any reason at any time. No candidate for high office in the Democratic Party can say otherwise and expect to have a national presence. I mean when the media talk about an issue for days and days, it’s got to be important.

But maybe the extreme environmentalists will get peeved about getting left out. So they might get a night or part of a night at the Democratic National Convention festivities. A celebration — an interpretive dance, maybe — to blocking the XL Pipeline! Now there’s a winning issue.

But then again, class warfare seems to have taken over the entire party’s agenda. It is worth diving over the fiscal cliff and plunging into a recession in order to tax rich people and, especially, those ungrateful, “they think they’re so smart” businessmen. It seems a night devoted to tax hikes and extolling the role of infrastructure in creating business would be appropriate. VP Biden can then discuss the “Recovery Autumn.”

You think I’m joking? Listen, the Democratic Party is fourscore behind abortion on demand, radical environmentalism and tax hikes. These issues, we are told, are quite popular, so the Democratic Party should not be shy about touting them. These issues are what define them as Democrats, right? Let the Republicans talk about all that boring stuff like the private sector, energy (from underneath the ground, no less!), debt reduction and reforming entitlement programs. Borrrrring!

Now I grant you, if they get the yen to watch the DNC proceedings, average Americans looking at over 8 percent unemployment, massive debt, entitlement program insolvency, war in the Middle East and rotten schools may wonder what clown show they tuned into while searching for a presidential candidate to tackle the big problems of the day. But Democrats should have no fear because the economy is all George W. Bush’s fault. Everyone knows that.