Buzzfeed has a rather extensive piece (for a site that generally eschews in-depth analysis) on how Rep. Paul Ryan’s clothes fit. I hadn’t thought about it, but the vice-presidential nominee’s shirts are billowy and his suits sort of boxy. The explanation is simple: He’s very tall and thin so they just don’t make men’s clothes to fit the super-tall, super-fit Paul Ryans of the world. The reporter is horrified by this lapse in sartorial decorum, instructing Ryan to get to a tailor.

Well, speaking from experience (Mr. Right Turn isn’t as tall as Ryan but dimensionally speaking shares the same fitting issue), I know that tailored shirts are frightfully expensive. You can buy a few and wear the heck out of them, but if you’re going to be on camera frequently it’s best not to look threadbare or wear the same shirts repeatedly. So you wear shirts that are a bit poofy.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like cheap, non-vain politicians. Whenever I see a pol decked out in a $3,000 suit, I think: Is this a man who knows the value of a dollar? Ryan, you may recall, slept on a cot in his office for a time since he was too cheap to get an apartment when in D.C. So those who share my yen for stingy government should be reassured that this is not merely a clothing thing. The man doesn’t like to spend money on himself.

And honestly, I don’t want my president or vice president dressing like a 20-something runway model in form-fitting attire. That suggests self-absorption and a yen to be admired.

But listen, if the worst they can say is that he’s too skinny or not fastidious enough to impress the Anna Wintour set, well then he’s doing just fine. And if he did wear tailor-made clothes you’d be seeing “Ryan wears $300 shirt” headlines. He can’t win with the fashion police.