On Tuesday I noted that the Obama campaign was looking for a theme. I suggested a few (e.g., Nixon, but without the competence ; Out of one, many) and invited readers to offer their own. There were three that particularly struck my fancy.

Mfritz95 suggests: “I’m still not Bush.”

Sabastian2 offers: “I’ve seen the future and it looks like Greece.”

And sinji818 come up with: “It could be worse. Four more years and I’ll prove it.”

Political humor usually requires some shared assumptions about your target. For George W. Bush it was his wrestling match with the English language. For President Obama, economic incompetence and a campaign devoid of inspiration or substance dominated the submissions. If these assumptions become widely held, the president will have a tough time persuading voters to give him four more years, especially if the economy is still in the doldrums and he thinks he can get through an entire election season without a second-term agenda.