If you think the Mitt Romney campaign isn’t having a blast on the Bain story you’re probably not getting its now-daily “see what rotten coverage Obama is getting” memo. There are at least five reasons Romney's team would like this to go on.

1. Gloria Borger now sounds like Sean Hannity:

Obama’s consistent strength is that more than half of Americans really like him. They see him as in touch with their lives and their aspirations. And his poll numbers only increased last year, for instance, when he shared America’s disgust during the distasteful debate over extending the payroll tax cuts. House Republicans seemed in desperate need of day care; Obama was the adult in the room. That’s what people want. When a president who wants to be transformational runs a campaign that wants to deliver transparent caricatures, there’s a downside. The candidate starts looking like all the other pols. And nobody likes them.

2. The Bain flap prompted Romney to give his most compelling explanation of why his experience in business is helpful:

3. Earl Ofari Hutchinson of Huffington Post sounds like the RNC:

The message for the president then is to stop wasting time and money on Bain and Bain type hit ads — and Romney. Obama’s record stands on it its own, and that’s what Americans can and will judge him on not his rip of Romney.

Romney team’s thought bubble: “Oh, puhleez, puhlezz run on your record!”

4. If you Google “Bain backlash” you get 399,000 responses.

5. It allows Romney to take the high ground and say the election is about Americans’ economic misery. (Voters love being told it is all about them.)